Samuel Essel, 2005

Samuel is 14 years old and in grade 8 (form2). He is a curious and happy boy that loves to learn and always have a smile in store for you!

Bright Yeboah, 2005

Bright is 14 years old and in grade 6. He is a bit cautious and you need to make an effort if you really want to get to know him. He loves fotball and is very good at dancing!

Deborah Aseidu, 2003

Deborah is 16 years old and in grade 7 (form 1) She breaks the norms and don't do as everybody else. She is the only girl that joins the boys at the football field.

Linda Boateng, 2004

Linda is 15 years old and the sister to Faustina, Asante and Nana. She is in grade 8 (form 2). She is the daughter of Lizzy one of the mothers at the oprhanage. She loves fashion and always try to find new outfits to put on.

Daniel Kephas, 2008

Daniel is 11 years old and in grade 4. He is the younger brother of Shedrack. He is a shy and quite boy but you always find him working on something. Fixing broken toys or making new ones.

Derick Arthur, 2007

Derick is 12 years old and  in grade 4. He is a great older brother to Desmond. The older boys are his idols and if you are looking for him you can be sure to find him close to them. 

Desmond Arthur, 2010

Desmond is 9 years old and in grade 2. He is a gentle little guy looking up to his big brother Derick and are happy to stay close to him. He loves puzzels and drawing.

Benjamin Donkor, 2011

Benjamin is 8 years old and in grade 1. He has severely deformed legs and feet but doesn't let it stop him. He has a fantastic energy and you sometimes need to tell him to slow down. He's our fighter! He is the younger brother of Prince.

Prince Donkor, 2006

Prince is 13 years old and in grade 8 (form 2). He is a fantastic guy who, despite his challenges with deformed feet, can handle everything and is a fantastic guy! He is very good in school and the big brother of Benjamin.

Mankind Paintsil, 2005

Mankind is 14 years old and in grade 6. He is very affectionate and often give you a big bear hug. He speaks good English but thinks it is very fun to talk and teach us fante, their native language.

Emma Asuman, 2008

Emma is 11 years old and in grade 3. At home she is called Efua Atta, Efua is the name of the day she was born, on a Friday, and Atta means she is a twin. Her twin brother is called Paul. She loves to get hugged and have a cozy moment sitting on your lap.

Suzzy Abbey, 2006

Suzzy is 13 years old and
in grade 5. 
Suzzie is a great big sister to Anbel and loves to help with the younger children. You can often find her in the kitchen helping out with the cooking.

Faustina Boateng, 2006

Faustina is 13 years old and the sister of Linda, Asante and Nana. She is in grade 5. She is the daughter of Lizzy one of the mothers at the orphange. Her best friend is Ruth and you always see them together.

Evans Botwe, 2009

Evans is 10 years old and in grade 3. He is a small boy but it doesn't stop him! He loves football and doesn't hesitate to play with the big boys.

Emmanuel Asare, 2006

Emmanuel is 13 years old and in grade 4. He is the clown of the house and always full of mischief and often sneaks up behind you for a good tickle. He is a happy boy with a very contagious laugh and he always takes care of the smaller children. 

Asante Boateng, 2008

Asante is 11 years old and the brother of Linda, Faustina and Nana. He is in grade 3. He is Lizzy son, one of the mothers at the orphange. He is a pretty quiet boy but he's not shy, on the contrary he is often full of mischief and he loves to play football.

Junior Okum, 2006

Junior is 13 years old and in grade 4. He is always up to something and he often comes runing to you with the sweat pooring down his face. He doesn't stay still for many minutes at a time!

Kwame Afenyi, 2010

Kwame is 9 years old and in grade 2. He is a very curious child that likes to learn new things and has the best laugh! He is diagnosed with epilepsy but he is on medication and lives a normal life.

Nana Kwame Afful, 2010

Nana Kwame is 9 years old and in grade 2. He is very charming, and when he is not fooling around he likes to stay close and get some love.

Sarah Nyamekye, 2009

Sarah is 10 years old and in grade 3. She is a cute girl who likes to draw and is our champion at jumping ropes!

Philomena Mensah, 2011

Philomena is 8 years old and in grade 2. She is a happy girl with an amazing smile. She likes to play cards but is a bad loser!

Paul Asuman, 2008

Paul is 11 years old and  in grade 3. At home he is called Kofi Atta, Kofi is the name of the day he was born, a Friday, and Atta means he is a twin. His twin sister is called Emma. He is a cautious boy but always has a smile for you. 

Daniel Abeidu, 2011

Daniel is 8 years old and in grade 1. He is a charming boy with the biggest dimples. He loves to draw and play football. He had a tough start in life, almost dying when he was two years old. He is a fighter and our hero!

Ruth Arthur, 2005

Ruth is 14 years old and  in grade 7 (form 1). She is the younger sister of Tom. She is a beautiful and cheerful girl that likes to dance an do crochet creations.

Sylvia Krampah, 2010

Sylvia is 9 years old and in grade 2. She loves to sing and play family with her friends and dolls. She also likes to help the mothers in the kitchen.

Shedrack Kephas, 2005

Shedrack is 14 years old and in grade 6. He is a great big brother to Daniel. He loves school and is very good at it as well. He shines of proudness every time he brings his reportcard home.

Tom Arthur, 2003

Tom is 16 years old and in grade 9 (form 3)
The older brother to Ruth. He is good at dancing, singing, playing football and he is brilliant in school. He is just good at a lot of things!

Celestina Arthur, 2011

Celestina is 8 years old and in grade 2. She is a cute little girl but don't let that fool you!
She is full of mischief and you never know what she is up to next!

Joe Mensah, 2011

Joe is 8 years old and in grade 1. He is a boy with a big heart but sometimes he just can't resist to tease the other children and often find himself in trouble due to that. Though his smile and his ability to look perfectly innocent does often get him of the hook!

Anabel Abbey, 2009

Anabel is 10 years old and in grade 3. She is the younger sister of Suzzy. She likes to stay close to her sister and the other older girls. She always helps out in the kitchen and with the smaller children.

Nana Boateng, 2012

Nana is 7 years old and in KG 2. (kindergarten) He is the brother of Linda, Faustina and Asante and the son of Lizzy, one of the mothers at the orphanage. He is a funny and active boy that always is up to someting!

Grace Addo, 2013

Grace is 6 years old and in KG 2 (kindergarten) She is a cute and calm girl that loves to sit in you lap and just cozy up. She likes clapping games and is a master at the twistband.  

Kobby Eshun, 2015

Kobby is 4 years old and in Nursery. He is a little drama queen that does not hesitate to take the opportunity to get the attention of us adults when the older children tease him. His chuckling laughter can charm anyone!

Joyce Yeboah, 2014

Joyce is 5 years old and in KG 1 (kindergarten). She is a small but strong girl. She doesn't let anybody push her around! She loves to learn and despite her young age she is really good in english.


Abigail Coffie, 2010

Abigail is 9 years old and  in grade 2. She is amazingly good at drawing and she is happy to show you one artwork after another. She also likes to read and is really good at it.

Mama Gyebi, 2012

Mama is 7 years old and in KG 1 (kindergarten)  She is in constant movement and although her english is not that good it is an amazing mix of english, fante (local languge) and body langugae coming from that girl! She loves to learn and take every opportunity for it!

Mekua Petu, 2012

Mekua is 7 years old and in KG 1 (kindergarten) When she came to us in early 2018 she was a scared and insecure little girl. It has been amazing to she her come out of her shell and florish! She is now a curious and happy girl with no more hesistation or fear. 

Mabel Amoquandoh,2011

Mabel is 8 years old and in grade 1. She is a lovable and caring little girl who always wants to help. She loves to draw and likes school. 

Ebenezer Aboagye, 2005

Ebenezer is 14 years old and in grade 8 (form 2) Since he was a small boy he has been joking around, always a smile on his face and a trick up his sleeve. He is amazing with the smaller children and like a big brother to them all. He is also an amazing dancer!

Samuel Oppong, 2004

Samuel is 15 years old
and in grade 6. He is a quiet boy and it takes some time to get to know him but he has a big heart and is always there to help if you need it. 
He is really good in school and loves to play football. 

Emmanuel Essel, 2015 

Emmanuel is 4 years old and in nursery. He is one of the youngest but it doesn't stop him. He takes part in everything and bosses around with the older children.

Bridget Essel, 2007

Bridget is 12 years old and in grade 6. She is the sister to Emmanuel and Kelvin and the daughter of Beatrice, one of the mothers at the orphanage. She is a kind and polite girl who loves to help out in the kitchen and looks out for her younger brother Emmanuel. 

Kelvin Essel, 2004

Kelvin is 15 years old and in grade 8 (form 2). He is the older brother to Emmanuel and Bridget and the son of Beatrice, one of the mothers at the orphanage. He is a kind and helpfull boy that is very good in school and likes to draw and read. 

Cephas Donkor, 2002

Cephas is 17 years old and in grade 9 ( form 3). He is a smart boy that knows what he wants and is seriously focused on school. He want to be a lawyer and you often find him with a book in his hand. 

Isaac Mensah, 2001

Isaac is 18 years old and in grade 9 (form 3). He is the oldest of the children an takes on that responsabilty with pride. He is a calm and gentle boy that lives to play football. He has his mind set that he is going to be a professional football  player. 

Justice Donkor, 2002

Justice is 17 years old and in grade 9 ( form 3). He is a kind and funny boy that always laugh and joke aroud with the smaller children. His dream is to become a doctor and he is working hard in school to make that dream come true.