Come to us as a volunteer at Tinas Childcare

Do you want to help out in our project while you get to know the world's finest children and get an unforgettable experience for life? Then you might want to come and work as a volunteer at Tina’s Childcare!

You will be picked up at the airport and start your stay with an introduction with Tina and her co-workers at the hostel for 1-3 days depending on how long you stay. There you will learn about the language, culture, country and much more. Then you are taken to the orphanage where you live in the volunteer room that you may share with other volunteers.

As a volunteer at Tina’s Childcare you can help with household chores and organize activities and games for the children, help with homeworks and give the comfort and love when needed. In other words, you become part of our great and lovely family.

During the daytime, schooltime, you help is definitely needed.
Tinas childcare Academy which is located next to orphanage contanins a preschool, creche ( 1-2 year olds) up to KG 2 (kindergarten) and a lower primary department, grade 1 - 3. Everyday around 120 children comes from outside with the schoolbus to attend our school. Help is needed, espacially in the creche and nursery classroom. They are 4 teachers caring for almost 80 children so your help in needed! 

One day, normally on tuesdays, a week you can also accompany the older children to the Royal Best Hope School to do something fun with the preschool classses. 

Spending time with all our children around the clock, you can sometimes need a little break. You therefore have the opportunity, on your own, to make excursions during the weekends to experience more of our lovely Ghana if you so wish.

3 weeks - 650 USD
                550 GBP
                600 EURO
4 weeks - 850 USD
                700 GBP
                800 EURO

8 weeks - 1250 USD
                1000 GBP
                1200 EURO

12 weeks - 1650 USD
                 1300 GBP
                 1450 EURO

The cost includes pick-up at the airport, food and accomodation during the introduction, food and accommodation at the orphanage and transport to the airport upon departure.
Other fees such as airline tickets, visas, vaccinations and pocket money you pay yourself.
We can accommodate up to 4 volunteers at a time.
Read more about Tina’s Childcare here!

Are you interested in making a great effort and get wonderful memories for life?
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