Tina's Childcare

Tina’s Childcare has been up and running since autumn 2013. It was started by a fantastic ghanaian woman named Tina. When we first came to Tina’s Childcare, they lived in a small house, which they temporarily rented, next to a large country road. All the children slept together in one room on the floor. The sanitary problems were extensive without functioning toilets or access to clean water. The spread of diseases was difficult to control and the fear of being evicted was always present.

We have now created a safe place for the children at Tina’s Childcare to grow up on. In the autumn of 2014, we bought a piece of land and built a home for the children, through which we have given the children good conditions for growing up to happy and healthy children with an opportunity to influence their own future. The children moved to their new home on the first november of 2014. 

At Tina's childcare, 46 children have their home, a lovely mixture between the ages of 3-18. Poor and vulnerable children that for different resons can't stay with their families or simply don't have any family to take care of them. The orphanage is located a few miles outside Agona Swedru, in southern Ghana. With papaya trees, winding greenery and the fields around, it is an idyllic place for our children to grow up on. 

At the orphanage we have two mothers, Lizzy and Beatrice and a "big brother" Michael. Lizzy and Beatrice do all the housework and take care of the children. Michael is our handyman, janitor, caretaker of the crops, school administratior, well you name it, he does it! Michael and the mothers is very important to us and the children. 

We put great emphasis on giving the children nutritious and varied diet that they need to become strong individuals as well as to give them the opportunity to good education. To ensure these needs in the children, we have started a sponsorship program where each child has a food sponsor and a school sponsor.

We also work with long-term self-sufficiency. We have bought a land next to the orphanage where we devote ourselves to agriculture. We grow many of the crops that are used extensively in the children's diet, for example corn and cassava. This gives us the opportunity to ensure that the children receive the varied diet they need.

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